Barack Obama's Inaugural Speech

With the inauguration of, and speech from Barack Hussein Obama, i could not resist the urge to once again play with my (very incomplete) tag cloud generator.

The speech transcript contained 893 unique words, filtered to remove the most common ones with little meaning, and sorted alphabetically.

Size and Color determine the frequency with which words were used overall in the entire speech.

So without any more beating around the Bush (har har):

A clear indication on what his main concerns and topics for future conversation are going to be, with almost all of his most frequently used words projecting a positive connotation.
An interesting observation that the word war was only used twice, as opposed to peace appearing 4 times.

Here follows a list of the highest recurring words and their frequency:
  • (4 times) crisis, come, through, power, words, seek, women, peace, up, things, before, whether, greater, men, long, end, meet.
  • (5 times) know, nor, generation, spirit, only, day, more.
  • (6 times) cannot, time, work, world, too, now, common.
  • (7 times) less, people, no, today, america.
  • (8 times) because, been, every, must.
  • (9 times) these, all
  • (11 times) new
  • (12 times) nation